Asking For Credit Card Information

credit card information


Don’t you worry. We’ve already discussed some of the problems that you face when trying to get visitors to sign up under you which comes as a solution to the two problems.

What I’m not worried about is other more common things that online marketers face such as poor credit scores, deals with the law, high interest rates and solutions to getting debt specialist payday loan loans.

But the problems of such questions may seem trivial to you; who pays? What if I get it the wrong way? What if I ask for referral code? Why? People like to hide information as often as they can. After all, a bad credit score (or a bad credit rating) is something that you really don’t want discussed.

So I want to walk you through the right way to offer credit card referrals as a source of income if you have a small amount of money to invest.

Firstly, you will need to ask a couple of different questions such as – ‘why do you use and accept credit cards?’ and ‘what is the best way for me to pay for it?’

Then you will have dealt with situations that you won’t like hearing about and will probably never have come across whilst in your line of work; from personal reasons for offering credit cards (this can take up a lot of time) to reasons for denial (this can take little more of the time too) and variations on both of these questions

The next step of course is to work out what methods you will need to adopt if you want to offer credit card referrals.

Would you, for example, like to scammers to pay you $1000 in order to then ship, handle and mail out the Lottery Ticket and then transfer the results to you in order to bring you ‘a deal’?

OK, you’ve got that covered. Someone who is in desperate need of cash.


Would you like to pay a business with a product that might either have an ongoing of residual income (something like real estate property) or where once the purchase is made the chances are that you will regular get paid because every time they earn the money from that sale the person with whom it was made gets ‘an upfront payment’ (and not only that but often a percentage of each sale).

So now you have a firm direction but you are still not clear. Say – ‘would I rather get rich?’

Here is the difference –

So the first step is to work out who is actively buying from you and who is not.

And here’s the second problem. What if someone who did not buy bought something, was interested in what you had. But like most people, they saw it at a ‘later time’. So did not choose to buy on their first visit.

So, what do you do?

Answer – you set-up a new ‘radio-wave broadcasting’ system.

You don’t’ just put a ‘box’ up with a ‘sales listing’ in front of your store. You ‘feed’ the ‘radio-wave’ they receive and ‘tell’ it other people where to go to ‘buy’.

Normally businesses that do ‘special offers’ have a section of their websites dedicated to this – again with a lot of good information on how to do this (and not very difficult it has been made this way).

You can do it too!

Here’s what you need to do.

You first need to find products that are in demand. Visitors to your website are looking for something.

Demolition Companies pooled with a fraternity of affiliates -working on encourage enter your prize (people who were interested in it) to enter theirs. Give them in-built value – a lot more affordable than the competition but still of a good quality, one-size-fits-all and long term.

How do you do this?

Simply go to a series of ‘affiliate forums’ and join in the ‘conversations’ related to this subject. By the way, join my forum (link below) and be one of the many people I am helping to solve the problems that most people face.

Next, find good ‘partner-companies’ and partner up with them to create relevant content and product links – the ‘ spoils’ are way more than you can dream for yourself.

For instance, when you learn of a good ‘printer’ you will find hundreds of links, all displaying the product or directions on how you can buy your own too. Of course, you will make a website to show off your own product but as the reader, if you can find good independent advice on it then get some of those sought after links and traffic – with added links on the page – your visitors will flock.

Another link on this resource webpage is to free sites. Why?